Molding a Mighty Chest

Molding a Mighty Chest Author
Isbn B005AJ8RME
File size 1.79MB
Year 2020
Pages 56
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

The story of George F. Jowett is most inspiring to all who are seeking great strength and a powerfully developed body. As a boy he was badly injured and physicians declared he would never live to see the age of fifteen. What the physicians overlooked was the consuming flame of desire which burned within the weak, undersized body. He overcame his physical problems and rose to be one of the world’s strongest and best built athletes.
In Molding a Mighty Chest you'll discover what it takes to add size and strength to your chest and torso. This involves multiple muscles, the bones and lungs as well. You'll find Jowett's 8 favorite exercises for getting the job done.
This book is one of six in the Molding Mighty Men series.


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