The Movie/Book Dirty Millions the Clean Way

How To Make Dirty Millions The Clean Way

The Movie/Book Dirty Millions the Clean Way Author Kirk Tillery
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Year 2021
Pages 368
Language English
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Category Politics and Sociology

Book Description:

One of my goals in life is, to stop world hunger and poverty. This book was written with more passion and clarity than the award-winning movie/books. The Butler starring Oprah Winfrey, D jangle starring Jamie Foxx, Good Deeds starring Tyler Perry, and 12 Years A Slave combined. God has placed every resource needed on this "spaceship" we call "earth" that evolves around the sun. To ensure the survival of all of his wonderful creations His resources are plentiful. With that being said, the unanswered question remains, why are 40,000 babies still dying from starvation each day? The answer to this question is, because of a disease most of mankind suffers from on different levels. This curable emotional disease is call prejudice, as it has devastated mankind's potential. It has created more poverty around the world, than any other disease known to mankind. Just imagine with me for a moment if you will. If not for prejudice, each individual would have the opportunity to use his/hers, God-given personal gifts to reach full potential. Take myself for instance and hundreds of kids who received an inferior education. After 12 years of school in one of the poorest school districts and cities in America, we were deceived believing we were getting a quality education. With diploma in hand we soon learned that our SAT scores were hovering around the third to sixth grade level. How could society do this to unsuspecting kids/babies. Now, there are many levels of emotional prejudice based on an individual's geography, birth fate, or uncontrollable circumstances. I personally believe one of the worst prejudice that exist by mankind today is to, purposely not educate or feed babies around world. Starving the minds and bodies of babies, is a sin and a crime. Please imagine with me for a moment if you will. Somehow this emotional disease has been cured through legislation, psychiatrist, and education. The potential of mankind would change almost overnight, as we discover unlimited potential. Doctors who may of been mere janitors would discover the cure to all medical illnesses. Political leaders top agendas would be to make sure all resources are distributed evenly. Scientists would discover the mathematical equations to travel the universe, finding untold resources and wealth to benefit all of mankind. Here's a short story of how prejudice has affected mankind throughout the centuries. My great-great grandfather Earl was born in the 1800s as a slave. Late one night many years later Massa Gibson the plantation owner, gave the order to all slaves and plantation hands. He said, due to the unusual cool summer and this extremely cold winter, the plantation budget was low. He said the crops sold this year yield little to no profit. Effective immediately, all non-essential livestock born from this day forward will be destroyed or killed immediately after birth. I have no means to feed them, Massa Gibson said! A few weeks after Massa Gibson made this harsh announcement, my great grandmother Earls wife, gave birth to twin boys. Unbeknownst to Massa Gibson at the time, as my great grandmother always worked on the far side of the plantation. Soon word reached Massa Gibson that these beautiful babies were born some weeks ago. Massa Gibson immediately got his walking cane and went to my grandfather's shack to see these babies for himself. When he saw these healthy babies, he knew they were being feed as this made him very angry. After yelling, cursing and whipping Earl with his walking cane. Master Gibson demand Earl to drown his twin boys immediately, and walked away. Earl waited for a few seconds and slowly walked the babies to the big water barrel out back. He chipped away the top layer of ice and slowly put the babies into the cold water. The babies screened in a way that Earl had never heard babies cry before. He quickly removed the babies from the cold water, wrapped them in a few old potato sack bags, and ran into the woods. Killing two puppies Earl


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