Moving Bodies in Interaction - Interacting Bodies in Motion :(Advances in Interaction Studies)

Intercorporeality, interkinesthesia, and enaction in sports

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Isbn 9789027204622
File size 60MB
Year 2017
Pages 377
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

This volume presents a new perspective on socially coordinated embodied activity. It brings together scholars from linguistics, interactional sociology, neuropsychology and brain research. It assembles empirical studies of the interaction in sports that draw on recent developments in ethnomethodological conversation analysis, the sociology of practice, interactional linguistics, and cognitive studies. Thinking beyond the individual body, the chapters investigate microscopically the materiality and reflexivity of skilled bodies in motion in different sports ranging from individuals jointly rock-climbing and distance-running to team sports such as rugby and basketball.


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