Playing Guitar (idiot's Guides)

I have been wanting a book for sometime that simply puts together the facts about how to play the guitar without a lot of technical information that I cannot understand and this book does it! The book was easy to understand and provides everyone, from new to old with some great basics. Everything from chord progression to tuning and so much more, this book has a bit of everything in it. Learning to play the guitar has never been easi...

Death in Winterreise: Musico-Poetic Associations in Schubert's Song Cycle

Suurpää’s book offers scholars, analysts, and performers a path through Winterreise and constructs a valuable theoretical system for analyzing musico-poetic relationships. Its eclectic analytical approach, paradoxically, reveals unity behind Winterreise’s familiar story.... Suurpää’s psychologically compelling interpretation and deep musical insights will be warmly received by anyone wishing to discover yet further meanings in Schube...

Musical Childhoods: Explorations In The Pre-school Years

Musical Childhoods is a culmination of more than a decade of research driven by the fact that music has been neglected in early childhood programs in favour of literacy and numeracy. Recent research has identified a connection between academic performance and musical programs and this has given music a renewed status in many schools. This book promotes the idea of children’s competence in the use of the language of music and argues t...

Post-war French Popular Music: Cultural Identity And The Brel-brassens-ferre Myth

Jacques Brel, Georges Brassens and Léo Ferré are three emblematic figures of post-war French popular music who have been constantly associated with each other by the public and the media. They have been described as the epitome of chanson, and of 'Frenchness'. But there is more to the trio than a musical trinity: this new study examines the factors of cultural and national identity that have held together the myth of the trio since i...

Harmony In Chopin

Chopin's oeuvre holds a secure place in the repertoire, beloved by audiences, performers, and aesthetes. In Harmony in Chopin, David Damschroder offers a new way to examine and understand Chopin's compositional style, integrating Schenkerian structural analyses with an innovative perspective on harmony and further developing ideas and methods put forward in his earlier books Thinking about Harmony, Harmony in Schubert, and Harmony in...

Don't Fret - Learn Lead Guitar the Easy Way

This is a guide to learning lead guitar without an extensive knowledge of musical theory. Readers are guided through step-by-step instructions, as well as explanations of musical phrasing and advanced techniques and concepts, which allows them to take the building blocks of scale patterns and create meaningful music.

Rebel Music: Race, Empire, And The New Muslim Youth Culture

This fascinating, timely, and important book on the connection between music and political activism among Muslim youth around the world looks at how hip-hop, jazz, and reggae, along with Andalusian and Gnawa music, have become a means of building community and expressing protest in the face of the West s policies in the War on Terror. Hisham Aidi interviews musicians and activists, and reports from music festivals and concerts in the...

Postopera: Reinventing The Voice-body

Both in opera studies and in most operatic works, the singing body is often taken for granted. In Postopera: Reinventing the Voice-Body, Jelena Novak reintroduces an awareness of the physicality of the singing body to opera studies. Arguing that the voice-body relationship itself is a producer of meaning, she furthermore posits this relationship as one of the major driving forces in recent opera. She takes as her focus six contempora...

The Guitar Amplifier Player’s Guide

Dave Zimmerman takes you step-by-step through the journey of understanding great amp tone and how to achieve it by making simple tweaks to your current rig. Never before published Speaker Ohms and Power Tubal Tone charts along with a Glossary of Tonal Terms and in-depth discussion of Cords and Cables make this unique guide a must for all players novice and pro. Also available in Spanish by searching for "La Guía de Amplificadores de ...

Music And Coexistence: A Journey Across The World In Search Of Musicians Making A Difference

Anyone expecting this to be a book about Bob Geldof or about Bono are in for a surprise, not only this is not a book about celebrity musicians who care and give a great deal, but because none of the musicians written about in this fine book by Osseily Hanna are well-known at all. In fact as you might expect, none of the protagonists have been heard about at all. But in the four parts and twelve chapters of this Music and Coexistence ...