Nano-CMOS and Post-CMOS Electronics: Devices and Modelling

5b91d0377e4fc.jpg Author Ashok Srivastava and Saraju P. Mohanty
Isbn 9781849199971
File size 15.95MB
Year 2016
Pages 400
Language English
File format PDF
Category Engineering and Technology

Book Description:

The demand for ever smaller and more portable electronic devices has driven metal oxide semiconductor-based (CMOS) technology to its physical limit with the smallest possible feature sizes. This presents various size-related problems such as high power leakage, low-reliability, and thermal effects, and is a limit on further miniaturization. To enable even smaller electronics, various nano-devices including carbon nanotube transistors, graphene transistors, tunnel transistors and memristors (collectively called post-CMOS devices) are emerging that could replace the traditional and ubiquitous silicon transistor.

Over two volumes this work describes the modelling, design, and implementation of nano-scaled CMOS electronics, and the new generation of post-CMOS devices, at both the device and circuit levels.

Volume 1 explores these nano-electronics at the device level including modelling and design. Topics covered include high-K dielectric based devices; graphene transistors; high mobility n and p channels; anodic MIM capacitors; FinFET devices; reliability considerations of next-generation processors; timing driven buffer insertion for carbon nanotube interconnects; controllable-polarity nanowire transistors; carbon nanotubes for efficient power delivery; modelling of memristors at nanoscale; and neuromorphic devices.


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