A New Sense of the Past: The Scholarship of Biondo Flavio (1392-1463)

5a2738ef6ebd1.jpg Author Angelo Mazzocco and Marc Laureys
Isbn 9789462700482
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Year 2017
Pages 200
Language English, Italian
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Category History

Book Description:

In English and Italian.

During his lifetime the historian and antiquarian Biondo Flavio (1392–1463) struggled to obtain recognition as a major contributor to the humanistic movement of the fifteenth century. Throughout the Renaissance, fellow Italian scholars far too often condemned rather than endorsed his scholarly works. His troublesome career and mixed reputation among his peers stand in stark contrast with the highly innovative character of his learning, which proved to be ground-breaking for the further development of various strands of historical and antiquarian research in the early modern age. The authors of this volume aim to contribute to a reappraisal of this pioneering humanist scholar by making fresh assessments of his major writings in historical linguistics, historiography, Roman topography, and historical geography.

Contributors: Catherine Castner (University of South Carolina), Fulvio Delle Donne (Università della Basilicata), Marc Laureys (University of Bonn), Giuseppe Marcellino (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa), Angelo Mazzocco (Mount Holyoke College), Frances Muecke (University of Sydney), Paolo Pontari (Università di Pisa), Fabio Della Schiava (University of Bonn), Jeffrey White (St. Bonaventure University)


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