No More Stress!: Be Your Own Stress Management Coach

No More Stress!: Be Your Own Stress Management Coach Author Gladeana McMahon
Isbn 1855755017
File size 0.5MB
Year 2010
Pages 208
Language English
File format PDF
Category Psychology

Book Description:

"Having worked for many years in broadcast television, and, in particular live broadcasting, I am only too aware of a work environment where there is tremendous 'pressure' and the real danger that 'pressure' – which some may say is 'good' stress – can easily turn to uncomfortable, bad, unproductive stress. When dealing with members of my team who have had problems with stress, I wish I had been able to refer them to Gladeana’s book. Based on proven principles, full of practical exercises and accessible methods for dealing with stress, this book is a sensible, holistic, full-function tool guide to taking control of your working life, rather than letting it take control of you – I would recommend it to everyone." (Nick Thorogood, Managing Director)


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