Only A Novel: The Double Life Of Jane Austen

577121cdc5581.jpg Author Jane Aiken Hodge
Isbn 0698104250
File size 1.3 MB
Year 2014
Pages 252
Language English
File format EPUB, MOBI, AZW3
Category Biography

Book Description:

This is a brilliant insight into the great author’s life. While I love her books, I hadn’t read a biography of Austen before and found that this was a very satisfying introduction to her personal history. Jane Aiken Hodge points out the inherent dissatisfaction with convention which seeds all of Austen’s novels, as the title ‘Only a Novel’ suggests. She draws upon many sources in order to bring the reader a complete picture of one of the greatest minds in English literature, one who wrote at a time when women’s rights were still so heavily oppressed. I found this biography compulsive and at times even moving, and would certainly recommend it to any other Austen fans.


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