Nuremberg: The Blackest Night in RAF History: 30/31 March 1944

5bb2d054dc2f6.jpg Author Martin Bowman
Isbn 1473852110
File size 12.79MB
Year 2016
Pages 256
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

This is a brand-new, updated history of the Nuremberg Raid, taking advantage of new stores of information that have come to light in recent years. In his usual, highly-praised style, Martin Bowman utilises first-hand snippets of pilot testimony to supplement his well-researched historical narrative, offering a richly evocative and authentic sense of events as they played out during the course of this iconic raid. Having access to extensive archives of images ensures that this is also a visually pleasing and comprehensive account of one of the most important episodes of Second World War history.The night of the 30/31 March 1944 marked the culmination of the costly Battle of Berlin. It witnessed Bomber Command hampered to a devastating extent by both the defences of the enemy and the dangerous caprices of the weather. Many losses were recorded and the raid soon gained a dark reputation amongst bomber crews and the general public. Indeed, it came to be regarded thereafter as something of a turning point in the course of the entire conflict. Here, Martin Bowman explains all the various difficulties that beset the forces of Bomber Command on this, its blackest night.


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