Open and Equal Access for Learning in School Management

0056135f_medium Author Fahriye Altınay
Isbn 9781789231755
File size 20MB
Year 2018
Pages 241
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

1 Institutional Metacognition as an Improvement Tool for Educational Management
2 The First Step to Leadership in School Management: Taking Initiative
3 The School Leader as Ideal Type: How to Reconcile Max Weber with the Concept of School Culture
4 The Role of E-Transformational Leadership in Intergenerational Cooperation for School Culture
5 How Symbols and Rituals Affect School Culture and Management
6 Developing Countries' Marketing Communication Role in School Culture
7 Risk Management Strategies in School Development and the Effect of Policies on Tolerance Education
8 Instructional Developments and Progress for Open and Equal Access for Learning
9 Student's Perception on Culture-Oriented e-Learning System: An Empirical Study
10 Curricular Policy and Access and Permanence of Students in School
11 The Role of Environmental Education of New Curriculum in North Cyprus
12 Management Challenge in the Entrepreneurial University and Academic Performance
13 The Role of Women in City: The Importance of Psychology and Educational Administration
14 The Vital Readiness Level of the Youth: Psychology and Education Management Approaches


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