Oppenheimer And The Manhattan Project

Insights into J Robert Oppenheimer, "Father of the Atomic Bomb"

5707b81c711c2.jpg Author Cynthia C. Kelly
Isbn 9789812565990
File size 1.6 MB
Year 2006
Pages 157
Language English
File format PDF
Category Physics

Book Description:

2004 marked the centennial of the birth of J Robert Oppenheimer, and brought historians and scholars, former students, nuclear physicists, and politicians together to celebrate this event. Oppenheimer's life and work became central to 20th century history as he spearheaded the development of the atomic bomb that ended World War Ii. This book provides a spectrum of interpretations of Oppenheimer's life and scientific achievements. It approaches the extraordinary scientist and teacher from many perspectives, chronicling the years from his boyhood through his role as director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and afterwards. The book also discusses Oppenheimer's connection to New Mexico, which hosted two of the Manhattan Project's most crucial sites, and addresses his lasting impact on contemporary science, international politics, and the postwar age.


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