Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, Volume 3

This is Volume 3 of 4 - The Anti Social Conspiracy. It addresses the antisocial conspiracy that was the objective of the Freemasons and the Order of the Illuminati. These groups were believed to have constituted a single sect that numbered over 300,000 members. Barruel surveyed the history of Masonry and maintained that its higher mysteries had always been of an atheist and republican cast. He believed the Freemasons kept their words...

Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, Volume 2

This is Volume 2 of 4 - The Anti Monarchical Conspiracy. It focuses on the anti-monarchical conspiracy that was led by Jean Jacques Rousseau and Baron de Montesquieu. Barruel believed that the influence of these two writers was a necessary factor in the enactment of the French Revolution. The destruction of monarchies in Europe led to the triumph of the Jacobins. Barruel equated the rejection on monarchy with a rejection of any type ...

Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, Volume 1

This is Volume 1 of 4 - The Anti-Christian Conspiracy. It examines the anti-Christian conspiracy that was begun by Voltaire in 1728. Barruel found that the philosophers had created an age of pretend philosophy which they used in their battle with Christianity. Their commitment to liberty and equality were really commitments of 'pride and revolt'. Barruel claimed that the proponents of the Enlightenment led people into illusion and er...

The Legends Of King Arthur And His Knights

Stories from the legends of King Arthur, the famous British leader who led the defence of Britain against the Saxon invaders in the 5th and 6th centuries. Chapter subjects include: The Prophecies of Merlin, and the Birth of Arthur; The Miracle of the Sword and Stone, and the Coronation of King Arthur; King Arthur drives the Saxons from the Realm; The Battles of Celidon Forest and Badon Hill; King Arthur Conquers Ireland and Norway, S...

Cornish Feasts and Folk-lore

Cornish Feasts and Folk-lore is a detailed description of many of the traditions and folklore present in west Cornwall, first published in 1890. Chapters include; Legends of Parishes; Fairies; Ballads; Superstitions; Charms; Cornish Games, and others.

Italian Popular Tales

Italian Popular Tales was first published in 1885, and includes fairy tales; stories of oriental origin; legends and ghost stories; nursery tales; and stories and jests.

King Leopold’s Rule in Africa
King Leopold's Rule in Africa

As most people with any interest in African history are aware of, King Leopold's rule in the Congo was known for its appalling atrocities against the indigenous population. The cruelty of this man shocked even other colonial rulers of the time. The author of this book, along with the British diplomat Roger Casement, led what can be described as the first mass human rights movement. Even authors such as Mark Twain and Arthur Conan Doy...

The Crime of the Congo
The Crime of the Congo

The Crime of the Congo is a 1909 book about human rights abuses in the Congo Free State, a private state established and controlled by the King of the Belgians, Leopold II. The book was intended as an exposé of the situation in the so-called Congo Free State, an area occupied and designated as the personal property of Leopold II of Belgium and where the serious human rights abuses were occurring. Indigenous people in the region were ...

Popular Tales of the West Highlands, Vols 1-4

Contains all 4 Volumes of Popular Tales of the West HighlandsJ. F. Campbell's collection of Scottish folklore. Tales include: The Young King Of Easaidh Ruadh; The Battle of the Birds; The Sea-Maiden; The Brown Bear of the Green Glen; The Daughter of the Skies; The King Of Lochlin's Three Daughters; The Ridere (Knight) Of Riddles; The Isle of Pabaidh; The Tale of the Queen Who Sought a Drink From a Certain Well; The Son of the Scottis...

Christianity and Islam in Spain, A.D. 756-1031

Christianity and Islam in Spain, A.D. 756-1031 is an 1889 book by Charles Reginald Haines. Chapter subjects include: Invasion of Spain by the barbarians; Period of Gothic rule; Landing of Abdurrahman; The Spanish confessors; Plan for procuring martyrdom; Revolt of Spaniards against Arabs; Khalifate saved by Abdurrahman III; Christians tolerated, even encouraged; Essential differences of Islam and Christianity; Moslem miracles; Jews p...