Painting Brilliant Skies & Water in Pastel: Secrets to Bringing Light and Life to Your Landscapes

Painting-Brilliant-Skies-Water-in-Pastel-Secrets-to-Bringing-Light-and-Life-to-Your-Landscapes-251x360 Author Liz Haywood-Sullivan
Isbn 9781440322556
File size 12 Mb
Year 2013
Pages 128
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Drawing

Book Description:

Here is the book I have been looking for. As a watercolorist, a pastelist and teacher of art, so far this is the best art book I have read, that teaches an artist to see light, and reproduce how it behaves. Beginners may have trouble getting through this book, but I can tell you with all honesty, that it will teach you an unbelievable amount of information, and you will see so much more when you look at a subject than you ever knew existed. What most artists paint is the light and how it reacts with its subject, be that water, sky or still life. You have to learn the skill or really seeing what you paint, before you can really become accomplished at reaching you goal as an artist, no matter what the subject is OR what medium you are using. I was JUST THRILLED to find this so very expertly covered, and clearly taught. If you are a master painter, you will not need this book. If you wish to become a master painter, this book will help, beyond a doubt. After staying up night after night taking notes, I am thrilled with all I have learned, and will keep this book as a reference. My hope is that, you have your eyes opened to seeing light as you have never seen it before.



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