The Park and Recreation Professional's Handbook

59cb19fab1889.jpeg Author Amy Hurd and Denise Anderson
Isbn 9780736082594
File size 9.7MB
Year 2010
Pages 312
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

Continuing education and development are of the utmost importance if you want to advance in the field. Whether you’re a graduating student or a new professional preparing for certification or a veteran practitioner looking to update your knowledge of current best practices, The Park and Recreation Professional’s Handbook is the one resource you will need.

The Park and Recreation Professional’s Handbook offers the following features:

•A thorough grounding in all areas of programming, operations management, and administration that will serve as the foundation for success in the profession

•Real-world examples from a variety of commercial, nonprofit, and public-sector agencies that will help students better understand the concepts and provide professionals with fresh ideas that they can use in their own agencies

•Recent research integrated into each chapter, which ensures that readers have the latest information available on each topic

•An online resource with sample documents from real-world agencies, learning activities, and research assignments that assist readers in applying the information to the profession

•An overview of the history and theoretical background of the profession and a discussion of ethics and professional conduct

This comprehensive resource addresses all of the essential topics that professionals must know, including program planning and evaluation, facility management, human resources, marketing, budgeting and financial planning, and policy making. Each chapter seamlessly blends foundational concepts, the latest research, and real-world examples to offer complete and current coverage of the topics in an easy-to-read format. To make studying easier for those preparing for certification, the chapters follow the topical areas covered in the exam. However, the book goes beyond what’s required for passing the exam: It presents readers with a complete picture of all of the skills needed for success in the field, making it a perfect resource for professionals who want to refresh their understanding of individual topics.

Prepare for your future in the field with The Park and Recreation Professional’s Handbook. Its straightforward explanations of key topics make it a resource that you’ll keep in your library long after you’ve earned your certification.


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