Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead: How Fruits And Vegetables Changed

Joe Cross found himself, at age 40, weighing a whopping 300 plus pounds, and on a daily diet of the steroid Prednisone to manage the painful autoimmune condition that was making his life miserable. He decided to make a major change, so he did something radical: he decided to embark on a sixty-day "Reboot" to give his body a chance to detoxify and heal itself. For two straight months, he drank only fresh fruit and vegetable juices - n...

The Smart Girl’s Guide To Going Vegetarian

What would you love. Love what you eat. No labels. No fuss. It's not about what you call yourself--it's about how you feel. Whether you're going vegan, vegetarian, fish-only, chicken-only, or all veggies except grandma's famous pigs-in-a-blanket, this book is your new best friend. Eating less meat can boost your energy, help you lose weight, and it's better for the environment. If you're looking to cut down on meat or cut it out comp...

The Dog Barks When The Phone Rings: An Engineer's Guide To Solving Problems

Engineers want to get employed and stay employed. The Dog Barks When the Phone Rings: An Engineer's Guide to Solving Problems targets engineering students and fresh graduates. The transition from engineering school to real world problem solver can be rough. Suddenly, there is not just one correct response for a problem. There might be an infinite number of correct solutions, where some are simply better than others. Some problems are...

50 Quick Diet Tips: 2

Do you want to lose weight? Are you struggling with your diet? These 50 quick diet tips will help you lose weight, and also keep that weight off. Using common sense and not fads, the advice in the book will help you lose the weight goal you are wanting to.

Bullying: The Ultimate Teen Guide

Bullying is a widespread problem that affects thousands of teens across the United States and around the world. Victims of bullying battle depression, anxiety, insecurity, and fear. Sadly, some victims internalize their frustration by harming themselves or become bullies as well. But if young people agree that bullying is so devastating, why does it continue? Most importantly, how can it be stopped? In Bullying: The Ultimate Teen Gui...

60 Ways To Lower Your Blood Sugar

It’s projected that in 50 years, one American in three will be diabetic. Many today are well on their way to becoming a sad statistic in the war on obesity, high blood sugar, and the related diseases—including diabetes—that can result from a diet that’s seriously out of whack. In his previous bestselling book, Overcoming Runaway Blood Sugar, Dennis Pollock shared his personal experience with this deadly epidemic—including his success...

Lâcher Prise : Se Recentrer, Prendre Du Recul Et Voir La Vie Autrement

"Ne renonce jamais, lâche prise, et la voie s'éclaire", telle est la proposition de ce livre. Car nous avons du mal à vivre le moment présent, accaparés que nous sommes par nos conditionnements intérieurs. Original et créatif, ce guide vous invite à apprendre à lâcher prise, pour ne plus subir les circonstances et rester acteur de votre vie, au travail, dans votre couple, avec vos enfants... Exemples et exercices à l'appui, vous déco...

Mein Ayurveda Wohlfühlprogramm: Typgerecht Abnehmen, Gesund Und Glücklich Leben

Das ayurvedische Prinzip basiert auf der Überzeugung, dass es drei unterschiedliche Konstitutionstypen gibt. Das auf den jeweiligen Konstitutionstyp abgestimmte Zusammenspiel aus Ernährung, Entspannung und Bewegung ermöglicht uns ein glückliches und gesundes Leben. Dieses praktische Arbeitsbuch enthält ein 5-Schritte-Programm für mehr Leichtigkeit und Lebensenergie durch Ayurveda. Mit diesem Programm schaffen Sie die Basis für ein gl...

50 Great Lessons From Life

Originally written for his grown-up children, Tony Spollen now shares his 50 GREAT LESSONS FROM LIFE with a wider audience. Simple, heartfelt, born of experience - these lessons ring true for everyone in any walk of life. Some you know already; others will be new - or will surprise you with a new twist on something you took for granted. Some are aspirational, some are fanciful, some are basic and mostly, they are one size fits all - ...