Phonetics and Phonology: Interactions and interrelations

59c4c5bca92fd.jpg Author M. João Freitas, Marina Vigário, and Sonia Frota
Isbn 9789027248220
File size 9.1MB
Year 2009
Pages 290
Language English
File format PDF
Category Culture

Book Description:

The papers included in the volume Phonetics and Phonology: Interactions and interrelations are concerned with some of the multiple possible forms of interactions and interrelations in phonetics and phonology: the phonetic and/or phonological nature of speech patterns, segmental and prosodic interactions, and interactions between segments and features, both in child and in adult language, combining perception and production data, and doing so from theoretically as well as experimentally oriented perspectives. The book is unique in the universe of recent publications for its topic, wide scope and coherent thematic content. It is of interest to all researchers, teachers and students in the fields of phonetics and phonology as well as to those interested in the interplay between production and perception, the organization of grammar and language typology. In general, Phonetics and Phonology. Interactions and interrelations may be a useful companion to all those wishing to widen and deepen their knowledge of the sound structure of language(s).


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