Perfekt fotografieren

Der umfassende Ratgeber für fortgeschrittene Fotografen, ambitionierte Fotoamateure und alle die Ihren Blick durch den Sucher für Motiv und Bildgestaltung schärfen möchten.Das Beherrschen der Kamerafunktionen allein macht noch keinen guten Fotografen. Viel wesentlicher ist dabei die Beherrschung des Lichts und das Erkennen der optisch reizvollen Seiten eines Motivs. Hier lernt der Leser alles über den Umgang mit Licht unter all seine...

The Waffen Ss In Combat: A Photographic History

This is the photographic history of the Waffen-SSS in combat on all fronts. The short six year history of the Waffen SS spanned triumph and disaster, and their story can be traced through these powerful images, which clearly document the reality of combat from 1940 to 1945. These rare images span the combat history of the Waffen-SS from the optimism of the opening phases of the war in the west through to the challengers of Barbarossa...

Photographic Lighting

A clear, concise guide to one of the most overused, yet misunderstoon pieces of photographic equipment While a flash unit—either built in to the camera or a separate device—offers the advantage of adding light to your images, its biggest disadvantage is the complex nature of the flash, which prevents many from using it to its full potential. Seeking an understanding of the nomenclature, the buttons and dials on the flash itself, and ...

Just Available Light: Techniques for Digital Photographers

Emphasizing the usefulness of ambient lighting, this guidebook gives unlimited access to the methods used by professionals. Starting with a discussion of the advantages and challenges of working with natural light, the text then explores the positive impact it can have on a photographer’s creativity and how to deal with the compromises that using available light sometimes require. Examples from this preliminary section emphasize lear...

The Daily Book of Photography

Designed for both the photography enthusiast and weekend warrior, this daily reader offers a broad look at life through the camera lens. From brief biographies of world-renowned photographers to techniques in fashion photography and trends, there is something for every reader inside. Packed full of inspiring images and stimulating information, this book is a staple for everyone who loves to point and click. Ten categories of discussi...

Fotografieren für Fortgeschrittene: Foto-, Licht- und Aufnahmetechnik optimal einsetzen

Der umfassende Ratgeber für alle ambitionierten Nicht jede Aufnahme ist auf Anhieb makellos, aber bei Digitalaufnahmen hilft der Computer als digitale Dunkelkammer. Dieses Buch zeigt Ihnen an konkreten Praxisbeispielen Lösungen für die wichtigsten Probleme, so z. B. was Sie gegen Sensorrauschen unternehmen und wie Sie Abbildungsfehler von Objektiven nachträglich korrigieren. Klaus Kindermann beschreibt hier mehr als nur Fototechnik u...

Photography Your Way: A Career Guide to Satisfaction and Success

This book gives you straight-talking advice from a pro on how to build a successful career in photography, said PhotoSource International of the first edition of Photography Your Way. Now distinguished author Chuck DeLaney has updated this classic book to show how digital has increased the power of photography and broadened the options open to anyone who wants a career as a photographer. Rich with seasoned advice and practical tools ...

Minimalist Lighting: Professional Techniques for Studio Photography

Photographers learn how to create amazing photography with this simple, basic, money-saving approach to working in the studio. While exploring available lighting and equipment, this reference tackles the concerns of studio photographers regarding too much gear, not enough space, and a strict budget and offers alternative techniques for photographing subjects. Tips for how to set up a studio in a limited amount of space, what kind of ...

How to Take Great Photos

In How to Take Great Photos, professional photographer Peter Tellone teaches you the fundamental skills you need to take great photos with whatever camera you got! It's time to stop taking snapshots, and start taking photographs. Whether you've got a simple point-and-shoot or the latest DSLR, you'll learn the basics of what every photographer needs to know to make their shots count. Covering topics ranging from light, composition, ex...

Canon Powershop G16 – The Expanded Guide

The Canon PowerShot G16 compact digital camera is the successor to the successful G15 and the first in the G-series to come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi. This facility makes it ideal for sharing images and video on social networking websites, or via email through the Canon Image Gateway. Images can also be uploaded using the maker's compatible iOS® or Android™ device with the download of a free Canon CameraWindow app. The G16's 28–14...