Better Available Light Digital Photography

This classic book on available light photography is back, thoroughly updated for digital photography and, for the first time, is packed with stunning, full color images throughout. Creating great images under less-than-ideal lighting conditions is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, experiences in photography. Challenge yourself, and with this book by your side you won't be disappointed. Photography expert Joe Farace and Pulitz...

Children's Portrait Photography Handbook : Techniques for Digital Photographers

Packed with practical techniques that both inform and inspire, this professional guidebook to photographing children of all agesfrom infants to teenagerspresents new strategies to maximize client cooperation and ensure smooth sessions. The entire child-based photographic process is addressed, including proper equipment selection, physical and behavioral controls for young subjects, working with black-and-white exposures, andusing lig...

Digitale Fotoschule Sport- und Actionfotografie

Die klassischen Fotoanwendungen wie Akt, Schwarz-Weiß, Porträt werden in der Literatur ausgiebig behandelt. Die Sportfotografie kommt bisher zu kurz. Dabei muss man gerade hier viele Dinge wissen, die über das normale Fotografieren hinausgehen - die richtige Platzierung am Sportplatz zum Beispiel. Wir schauen einem Sportfotograf über die Schulter.

Nikon D5300 – The Expanded Guide

The D5300 is the latest model in Nikon’s advanced “consumer” series, occupying a middle position in the DX-format camera range, between the entry-level D3200 and the “enthusiast” or “semi-pro” D7100. The series stands apart from all other Nikon digital SLRs in having an articulating rear screen for flexibility when shooting in Live View and movies. Nikon has retained its tried and tested F lens-mount (introduced in 1959), making it p...

Night & Low Light Photogrpahy

Photographs captured in low light conditions, or even in the dark of night, can be powerfully dramatic, sensually moody, or vibrant and glistening with the illumination of stars, streetlamps, or other artificial lighting. Modern digital SLR cameras are impressively capable of rendering images shot in low light, and professional UK photographer David Taylor discusses, clearly and concisely, the best cameras, lenses, tripods, filters, ...

Das perfekte Fotobuch gestalten(Digital fotografieren)

Dieses Buch ist eine schöne Inspirationsgrundlage für Fotobuch-Gestalter. Es bietet viele Tipps und Tricks und ist sehr anschaulich erklärt. Das Buch ist übersichtlich nach Anwendungsgebieten strukturiert und gibt ebenfalls eine Einführung in Farb- und Schriftgestaltung sowie Layoutkonzepte. Des Weiteren wird auch auf die gängigen Fotobuch-Softwareanbieter eingegangen. Für mich als Einsteiger war das Buch sehr hilfreich, aber auch Fo...

Painting with a Lens

Arguing that photography should be about more than gear, shooting modes, and computer programs, this book highlights methods for creating artistic photographs in the moment a picture is taken, rather than later in the editing process. In stark contrast to the “fix everything in post production” approach dominating modern digital photography, this reference demonstrates a more purposeful approach to shooting each frame—carefully consi...

Kamerabuch Canon EOS 700D

Mit der Canon EOS 700D präsentiert Canon dem Kunden das Flaggschiff seiner Spiegelreflex –Reihe für Einsteiger. Bis vor ein paar Jahren waren Spiegelreflex-Kameras nur etwas für Profi-Fotografen und Presse, aber mittlerweile sind diese auch im ambitionierten Privatbereich salonfähig geworden. Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass mit diesen Geräten das Fotografieren zum „Selbstläufer“ wird. Es ist einfacher geworden, ja, aber es ist immer no...

Master's Guide to Off-Camera Flash

[This book] covers speedlights, exposure, flash basics, adding off-camera lights, mixing in ambient light, adding light modifiers, and the equipment used. By emphasizing basic principles of good lighting and how to apply them, this informative guide shows advanced amateur photographers and professionals how to improve their photographic skills. After explaining different types of light, flash basics, and the benefits of on- and off-c...

The Professional Photographer's Legal Handbook

In this accessible and entertaining book, expert Nancy E. Wolff explains copyright, trademark, contracts, and privacy. Real-world examples of cases, laws, and news items torn from today’s headlines illustrate the most urgent legal situations faced by photographers: requirements, limits, and enforcement of copyright and trademark; fair use and public domain; first amendment considerations; the law of privacy and publicity; and many mo...