All of Physics (Almost) in 15 Equations

"Mansoulié here demonstrates his talent for communicating physics to non-scientists, his target audience for this brief, readable, volume." CHOICE The book comprises 15 short chapters, each presenting an important equation of Physics, from the simplest and oldest, to more complex and recent ones. The target audience is the interested general public, hence no mathematics is involved (beyond the simple expression of each equation). Wha...

Quand je fais de la physique

"- Chéri, on y va ? - Oui, oui, je mesure le temps de réverbération de la salle et c'est bon. - Non, tu ne fais pas ça ! On est dans une cathédrale, tu ne peux pas taper dans tes mains ou faire du bruit, allons ! " Je suis convaincu que chaque situation du quotidien est l'occasion d'utiliser ou de retrouver les lois fondamentales de la Physique. Ma femme, un peu moins. Après avoir lu les différents chapitres de ce livre, j'espère que...

Endohedral Fullerenes : From Fundamentals to Applications

Endohedral fullerenes represent a novel family of carbon nanostructures, which are characterized by a robust fullerene cage with atoms, ions, or clusters trapped in its interior. Since the first separation of the endohedral metallofullerene [email protected] in 1991, a large variety of endohedral structures have been isolated and their endohedral nature has been proved by experimental studies. Within the past two decades, the world of endohedra...

Progress in Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Clusters

The cluster which is an ensemble of two thousands of atoms or molecules, has emerged as a completely new class of materials at the frontier of materials science. The frontier of cluster science extends so rapidly that the map of the science is renewed day by day. In order to provide basic knowledge and recent information on this growing field, 14 world-renowned scientists who are actively involved experimentally and theoretically in ...

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Volume 45

Application of nuclear magnetic resonance span a wide range of scientific disciplines and for the first time this volume will focus on a rapidly advancing and important theme – NMR applications in industry. Providing a comprehensive yet critical review of the current literature from various industrial sectors including materials, food science, paints and coatings, polymer science, nuclear chemistry, drug discovery and process control...

Semiconductor Quantum Optics

"The text is very clearly written. Many of the formulas are explained step by step, there are numerous exercises and recommendations for further reading at the end of most chapters. It is a useful tool for all those working in the quantum optics area of research." Combining theoretical methods from quantum optics and solid-state physics, this book gives researchers and graduate students a new level of understanding of semiconductor q...

Surface Electromagnetics

'This book provides a comprehensive collection of recent progress made by leading experts in surface electromagnetics. It is an excellent reference for researchers, practicing engineers, and graduate students with an interest in this disruptive technology in electromagnetics.' Chi-Hou Chan, City University of Hong Kong Written by leading experts in the field, this text provides systematic coverage of the theoretical analysis, physics...

Iron Dominated Electromagnets

This unique book, written by one of the world's foremost specialists in the field, is devoted to the design of low and medium field electromagnets whose field level and quality (uniformity) are dominated by the pole shape and saturation characteristics of the iron yoke.The wide scope covers material ranging from the physical requirements for typical high performance accelerators, through the mathematical relationships which describe ...

Nanomagnetism and Spintronics

This book explains the concepts of nanomagnetism and spintronics by viewing the most recent research works from internationally distinguished research groups. Placing special emphasis on crucial fundamental and technical aspects of nanomagnetism and spintronics, it serves as a one-stop reference for universities offering postgraduate programs in nanotechnology or related disciplines. This unique book deals with all three stages requi...