Poker Workbook: Hand Reading For Live Players Vol 1

5dc36aeb1e777.jpg Author James Sweeney
File size 30MB
Year 2016
Pages 236
Language English
File format PDF
Category Gambling

Book Description:

Amazing Product! James' new Poker Workbook opens the door to range analysis starting with examining your own ranges in game situations in part 1, Villains ranges in part 2 and range vs range in part 3. Each chapter begins with instructions and diagrams to get you going. The amazing thing about the book is that it can be reused as your game grows and your assumptions change. You can revisit the hands and come to a different conclusion. This is the type of analysis that I find most productive off table to improve. An added bonus is the support from the folks at with a separate forum on hand reading allowing us to discuss the hands in the book. Caution highly addictive stuff.


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