Policy And Planning For Endangered Languages

562e14a0beb52.jpg Author Mari C. Jones
Isbn 9781107099227
File size 4.1 MB
Year 2015
Pages 280
Language English
File format PDF
Category Languages

Book Description:

Why have language policies had only limited success in reversing language shift? The case studies presented in this volume show the effects of various language policies on a range of communities around the world. By understanding the successes and failures of different language policies, linguists and language activists can be better informed as to what type of language policy might have the greatest impact on a given community.
Language policy issues are imbued with a powerful symbolism that is often linked to questions of identity, with the suppression or failure to recognise and support a given endangered variety representing a refusal to grant a 'voice' to the corresponding ethno-cultural community. This wide-ranging volume, which explores linguistic scenarios from across five continents, seeks to ignite the debate as to how and whether the interface between people, politics and language can affect the fortunes of endangered varieties. With chapters written by academics working in the field of language endangerment and members of indigenous communities on the frontline of language support and maintenance, Policy and Planning for Endangered Languages is essential reading for researchers and students of language death, sociolinguistics and applied linguistics, as well as community members involved in native language maintenance.


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