Polly Pry: The Woman Who Wrote the West

41tV0JS13UL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Julia Bricklin
Isbn 9781493034390
File size 16.71MB
Year 2018
Pages 216
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biography

Book Description:

Fascinating biography about a woman who lived a life of adventure and did what it took to become a respected female journalist in the 19th Century. Nell, AKA Polly Pry, was reporter and an activist and lived the stories as well as write them. This book tells some of the tale behind the stories of Polly Pry as she became the the first female report for the Denver Post.

And I say rabble rouser in a great way. She knew how to get the public's attention and behind a cause. As I was reading I felt like I was reading about a journalist today, not the 19th Century, she really was ahead of her time. It’s amazing the things Polly did and how she would ‘call it as she sees it’. This is a great read on journalism back in the day. Has it evolved? You’ll have to pick up a book and see for yourself. Great job Julia Bricklin, I hope you continue to find more people who were influencers we never knew of!!!


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