Polydoxy: Theology of Multiplicity and Relation

59a265f11256c.jpeg Author Catherine Keller and Laurel Schneider
Isbn 0415781353
File size 2.4MB
Year 2010
Pages 272
Language English
File format PDF
Category Religion

Book Description:

Religious pluralism, the collapse of traditional religious institutions, and the growing impact of religious studies on believers have prompted widespread rethinking of what religion is. Polydoxy offers a brilliant and original theological response to this intellectual crisis by suggesting that there are multiple forms of right belief. Inspired by the work of Catherine Keller, author of The Face of the Deep, Polydoxy introduces a new theological approach which is both grounded and groundbreaking. Reacting against reductive or nostalgic theological tendencies, the essays in this book take an exciting and creative approach to doing theology in the 21st century. Divided into parts, the first part lays out the theological agenda of Polydoxy, while an impressive array of scholars explore key theological topics in the light of relationality and multiplicity in the second and third sections.


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