Problem Solving for Oil Painters

Recognizing What's Gone Wrong and How to Make it Right

Problem Solving for Oil Painters: Recognizing What's Gone Wrong and How to Make it Right Author Gregg Kreutz
Isbn 9780823040971
File size 30MB
Year 1997
Pages 144
Language English
File format PDF
Category Art

Book Description:

This book is a great help in practical painting in oils! You will find many advices how to think about your painting, what you can do it to improve your picture, what can work for you. This is one of books that you can read it and after few chapters you will imediatly improve your painting skills! But this book is only for people that interesting in impresionistic kind of realism, not for glazing or academic drawing. It could also help if you doing acrylics and watercolor but its more for oil painters. It has many examples and pictures, its for begginers and intermediate students, maybe not to much for advanced painters (but they will also find something for them). One of the best book I read it to expand your posibilities and painting skills!


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