Psychology in Sports Coaching: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition

51sW5CdBdIL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Adam R. Nicholls
Isbn 9781138701878
File size 4.89MB
Year 2017
Pages 294
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

"The domain of sports psychology is often underplayed in terms of coach education and development, however many of the topics highlighted in this book represent key knowledge areas that can help us as coaches to address the genuine needs of athletes. By understanding more in the field of psychology, we can help to create both relationships and environments that allow us to support individuals to achieve their potential in the sports that they play."

"Dr Nicholl’s text showcases an excellent array of applied psychological perspectives in the specialist domain of sport coaching. The updated chapters are truly reflective of the emerging conceptualisation of sport coaching and offers coaches, students, administrators and academics alike a realistic glimpse into the potential for enhancing our understanding of the uses of psychology in making a difference to coaching processes and practice."



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