Puzzles for Pleasure

41DAFCK34TL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Barry R. Clarke
Isbn 9780521466349
File size 2.6MB
Year 1994
Pages 132
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies

Book Description:

This is not a book for passing the time on the train! Some of these problems are real tough nuts to crack. This guy must have one hell of an IQ 'cos I got a first in maths and some beat me. It's not that the maths needed is difficult, it isn't (grammar school algebra at most). It's just that the way of looking at them requires a particularly visual mind. I'm thinking mainly about the Advanced Puzzles some of which were beyond me (until I looked at the solution!). One criticism : In The Same Boat (last puzzle) doesn't actually work.


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