Quantitative Proteomics: RSC

(New Developments in Mass Spectrometry)

Quantitative Proteomics: RSC Author Claire E Eyers
File size 10.9MB
Year 2014
Pages 390
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

he book is divided into a description of the technology (two chapters); label-based protein quantification (three chapters); label-free protein quantification (three chapters); dynamic protein quantification (four chapters); and application of quantitative proteomics (three chapters). The division between labelled and label-free quantification is most useful. It allows for a rapid comparison between methods and easier selection of the most appropriate method. The challenge in any method is to determine the absolute protein quantification at any given time and then reproduce it. At the forefront of current methods are HPLC and electrospray MS. As always with this technology, a major issue is how to identify the most appropriate sample preparation method, an issue recognised by most authors.

The most intriguing chapters are the last two. It is encouraging to see a chapter on blood plasma. The blood processing industry is a key to human survival, is a massively important industry, and yet receives relatively little publicity. It is in effect largely hidden from public view. Non-communicable diseases account for 60 % of the world’s fatalities, and yet many could be detected by biomarkers if the technology were available―and quantitative proteomics offers the promise of inexpensive automated procedures on the millions of samples of blood taken daily. Similarly, in the chapter on food, application of similar methods offers the prospect of determining allergies in food, the new plague of allergic reaction now suffered by some 30 % of the western populace.


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