Reading Stories with Young Children

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Book Description:

It should be obvious that reading stories with young children greatly assists their literacy development, yet this often appears to be forgotten in the rush to add still more new activities to the curriculum. Reading Stories With Young Children redresses the balance, focusing on what remains the most important basic requirement for learning.

The book explores the ways in which reading stories with young children can best enhance their literacy skills. The text provides examples of how to enthrall children by reading them stories and provides practical suggestions about follow-up activities that will develop the listeners’ literacy. The extensive examples drawn from home and school will make this book an essential resource. The links into writing, drawing and making, as well as to other curriculum areas are made explicit.

Teachers of young children, teaching assistants and all those who work with young children will find this book invaluable. Parents too will be interested to note how the readings with their own children are subsequently developed in educational settings.


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