Reading Vampire Gothic Through Blood: Bloodlines

56290d83abfa6.jpg Author Aspasia Stephanou
Isbn 1137349220
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Year 2014
Pages 235
Language English
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Book Description:

This is a fascinating study of blood symbolism in a variety of vampiric contexts, which demonstrates an impressive breadth of cultural understanding from the medieval to the present day. The analysis of biomedicine and its relationship to a neoliberal political agenda is masterly. It is to the author's credit that they bring together so many diverse, but related, strands in such a convincing and intellectually exciting way. This is an important book for anyone interested in the political agendas of our age.
Reading Vampire Gothic Through Blood examines the promiscuous circulations of blood in science and philosophy, vampire novels, films and vampire communities to draw a vascular map of the symbolic meanings of blood and its association with questions of identity and the body. Stephanou seeks to explain present-day biotechnologies, global neoliberal biopolitics and capitalism, feminine disease and monstrosity, race, and vampirism by looking to the past and analysing how blood was constituted historically. By tracing the transformations of blood symbols and metaphors, as they bleed from early modernity into the complex arterial networks of global and corporate culture, it is possible to open new veins of signification in the otherwise exhausted and dry landscape of vampire scholarship.


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