Resource, Mobility, and Security Management in Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications

59d2d61465348.jpg Author Honglin Hu, Masayuki Fujise, and Yan Zhang
Isbn 0849380367
File size 7.78MB
Year 2006
Pages 618
Language English
File format PDF
Category Engineering and Technology

Book Description:

Organized into three parts, Resource, Mobility, and Security Management in Wireless Networks and Mobile Communications examines the inherent constraint of limited bandwidth and unreliable time-varying physical link in the wireless system, discusses the demand to realize the service continuity in the single-hop or multi-hop wireless networks, and explores trusted communication in mobile computing scenarios.
Focusing on the background, technique survey, protocol design, and analytical methods, the book discusses standards in 802.11x/3G/4G, HotSpot Wireless, Bluetooth sensor networks, and access control in wireless Ad Hoc networks. Other topics include call admission control (CAC), routing, multicast, medium access control (MAC), scheduling, bandwidth adaptation, handoff management, location management, network mobility, secure routing, key management, authentication, security, privacy, and performance simulation and analysis.
This book is a comprehensive source of information on basic concepts, major issues, design approaches, future research directions, and the interaction between these components. With its broad coverage allowing for easy cross reference, the book also provides detailed techniques for eliminating bandwidth insufficiency, increasing location management performance, and decreasing the associated authentication traffic.
Offers competitive, self-contained information on resource, mobility, and security management in wireless networks
Explains the interaction and coupling among the most important components in wireless networks
Examines background, applications, and standard protocols
Addresses challenges and solutions in key management of wireless sensor networks
Covers how to provide effective and efficient authentication and key agreements for cellular access security


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