Rikugun Ninjutsu Introduction to Shinobi-Iri & Inton-Jutsu

005a800b_medium Author Joseph T. Armstrong
Isbn 9781387134458
File size 3.17MB
Year 2017
Pages 70
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Observational skills
Range estimation
Cover, concealment
Tracking & counter tracking
J. T. Armstrong has trained in the martial arts since being adopted into a Japanese Family after the death of his parents at a young age. In addition to training with his adopted family Armstrong has trained in martial arts with various masters during his travels such as Master G. Sparanero of Italy, T.S. Arashikage In Japan and Master J.P. McAllister in the United States among many others. Armstrong is also a member of the Zen Do Kai and the Black Dragon Fighting Arts Society.


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