The Science of Natural Healing

5808d0b81c6ea.jpg Author Mimi Guarneri
Isbn 9781598038675
File size 504MB
Year 2013
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

Delve into the world of holistic healthcare, the range of nature-based methods and treatments that are both clinically proven and readily available to you - and that provide an alternative way for you to nurture your own optimal health, disarm stress, and deepen the experience of well-being. These 24 compelling and practical lectures offer a rich spectrum of choices and possibilities for your own healthcare, as well as practical tools for creating a truly healthful lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a sound alternative to the drugs so common in our health-care system or you're merely curious about the validity of herbal medications, this course points you to numerous empowering avenues for healthful living. You'll examine a number of far-ranging topics, including: The power of food healing Micronutrients and natural supplements Clinically proven herbal medicines Natural treatments for common medical conditions The mind-body connection in healing And, natural approaches to mental and spiritual health No matter what kind of life you're living, optimal health is one of the greatest assets you can have. In speaking deeply to a truly integrative approach to healing, these lectures can make a profound difference in your health now and in the future and help


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