How to Search: Find Anything on the Internet

58385119b0daa.jpg Author Troy Austria
File size 1.46MB
Year 2016
Pages 14
Language English
File format PDF
Category Information Technologies

Book Description:

This is the bare-bones guide to learning about the basics of search.
Great for anyone who feels like they can't find what they want to find, and want to go back into the basics of using the internet to find information.
It's also for anyone who feels they have a friend or relative who needs to learn how to use the search engines of today such as Google, Yahoo! or even YouTube.

For those who have experience, and have their own websites, this will help determine how a fair number of people use search engines. Knowing this information can help with Search Engine Optimization.

By utilizing what I cover in this book, anyone should be able to take any search engine, and find the top sites with the most relevant information to their most pressing questions.

I hope this book finds you well, that you enjoy the read, and that you will find the value in this simple book.


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