Security Without Obscurity

A Guide to Cryptographic Architectures

5be1588b3df33.png Author J.J. Stapleton
Isbn 9780815396413
File size 7.7MB
Year 2018
Pages 205
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cryptography

Book Description:

Information security has a major gap when cryptography is implemented. Cryptographic algorithms are well defined, key management schemes are well known, but the actual deployment is typically overlooked, ignored, or unknown. Cryptography is everywhere. Application and network architectures are typically well-documented but the cryptographic architecture is missing. This book provides a guide to discovering, documenting, and validating cryptographic architectures. Each chapter builds on the next to present information in a sequential process. This approach not only presents the material in a structured manner, it also serves as an ongoing reference guide for future use.


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