Sedentary Lifestyle:(Physical Fitness, Diet and Exercise)

Predictive Factors, Health Risks and Physiological Implications

41lP4KM5IqL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_ Author Ahmad Alkhatib
Isbn 9781634846738
File size 3MB
Year 2016
Pages 214
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

This is an excellent book addressing the contemporary problem of sedentary lifestyle and its consequences. Right from the start, the book enrich our understanding with an excellent summary of the latest research on the endocrinology and metabolic effects of a sedentary lifestyle, and a review of the latest research in the area of human muscle biochemistry. The book goes on to highlight the health risks, especially cardiovascular risks within typical sedentary workplaces, where white-collar employees may be exposed to such risks. Interventions to reverse sedentary related risks are complex and multi-faceted, and so the evidence presented on the exercise as an effective tool to reverse the risk is very much needed. It is alarming that sedentary related cardiovascular risks are highly prevalent amongst many employees, and the book presents interesting simple yet effective methods to reverse some of the consequences for those who are identified as sedentary or those who have already developed a condition such as the diabetic. The book then goes on to explain the specific adipose tissue related risks especially those linked with epicardial fat. It the looks into the age-specific deleterious effects related to muscle function. Identifying the age-specific risks was explained very well for adolescents especially female adolescents, and it was good to see how effective pedometer based physical activity interventions work well in both adolescents and in children across different countries. Overall this book is a must read for health professionals, scientists, clinicians, sport practitioners and anyone who could help advance the knowledge and understanding of this growing worldwide issue of sedentariness.


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