Sedimentary Basins: Evolution, Methods of Formation and Recent Advances

(Geology and Mineralogy Research Developments)

Sedimentary Basins: Evolution, Methods of Formation and Recent Advances Author Sam Brookes
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Year 2018
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Book Description:

In this collection, the sedimentary basins of the northern Campania Tyrrhenian margin have been investigated in detail aimed at studying and reconstructing their Quaternary geologic evolution through seismo-stratigraphic data. This analysis, carried out using multichannel seismic data of the Zone E, has allowed to infer the subsurface volcanism in the Gaeta Gulf through the identification of a wide buried volcanic edifice, fossilized by the prograding sequences supplied by the Volturno river. This volcanism seems to be related to the oldest phases of volcanism in the Campania Plain, evidenced by the Parete and Villa Literno volcanic complexes, detected in the subsurface of the Campania Plain onshore. Continuing, the presence of volcano-sedimentary sequence in pull-apart basins has intrigued the geologists for several decades. The authors explain that the extensional tectonic processes are not only responsible for formation of these basins but also eruption of volcanic units and emplace


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