Shaolin Mantis White Ape Offers Fruit

006bd2a1_medium Author Geng Jun
File size 5.6MB
Year 2005
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

This dual language Chinese/English edition is beautifully designed. This series has an introductory calligraphic introduction by Yang Zhao Ting, the former president of the National Chinese WuShu Association. The writer of the series, Geng Jun, studied under SuXi, SuFa and Li ZhuanYuan. There are general notes and demonstrations of the Shaolin stances for the entire series. There's also a nice short color section on students and Geng Jun's activities. The side-by-side Chinese and English make this a very useful text with clear instructions. THIS BOOK teaches one of Shaolin's Praying Mantis forms. It is said that after monk, Wang Lang, developed Praying Mantis he returned to the temple for three years and taught his style there. The White Ape series recalls the influence of Monkey Boxing on the Praing Mantis. Where, exactly, Shaolin Mantis lies in the general scene of Praying Mantis if open to discussion but if it exists at all this would be a representative set.


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