Sherman VC Firefly (Armor PhotoGallery 13)

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Isbn 8392025466
File size 33.14MB
Year 2005
Pages 78
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

Technical/historical background illustrated with b&w period photos and a selection of detailed walkaround photographs highlighting technical details of the Sherman VC Firefly, the most successful British modification to the U.S. Sherman tank, widely used by British, Polish, Canadian, New Zealand and South African forces during World War Two. Statistics: 260 full color exterior and interior photos of two museum examples, the earlier production, direct vision slots tank in the Royal Museum of the Army in Brussels, Belgium, and the later production, cast hood example in Pansarmuseum in Axvall, Sweden; 41 half-tone technical drawings reprinted from U.S. and British Technical Manuals; 45 b&w period photos showing several camouflage and marking options; 6 pp 1/35th & 1/48th scale drawings of Sherman VC. Thirteenth volume in new Series of all-picture books showing AFVs preserved at museums and collections throughout the World, designed for the enthusiast and military modeler. Most complete reference book for correcting and super-detailing the Dragon and aftermarket kits.


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