Shiitake Growers Handbook: The Art and Science of Mushroom Cultivation

5891340b8fd3f.jpg Author DONOGHUE JOHN and PRZYBYLOWICZ PAUL
File size 43.9MB
Year 1988
Pages 232
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hobbies

Book Description:

This is a well-written book about technical and practical aspects of commercial shiitake growing. If you are seriously considering commercial production of shiitake it is a must-have book.
Its subtitle, "The Art and Science of Mushroom Growing" is misleading. Far more accurate would be "The Science and Practice of Commercial Shiitake Production". Except for a phylogenetic references, it has nothing to say about mushrooms other than shiitake. I had set out to learn enough about mushrooms in general and shiitake in particular to grow a few for friends and family. Unfortunately, the shiitake is native to Southeast Asia and likes a steadily warm humid environment. Based on what I gathered from this book, neither amateur nor commercial shiitake production is practical where I live, so I'm still looking for a good book on small-scale mushroom cultivation in a temperate climate


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