Skateboarding : Subcultures, Sites and Shifts

5986b5165f5b5.jpg Author Kara-Jane Lombard
Isbn 9781138829824
File size 5.77MB
Year 2016
Pages 216
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

This book explores the cultural, social, spatial, and political dynamics of skateboarding, drawing on contributions from leading international experts across a range of disciplines, such as sociology and philosophy of sport, architecture, anthropology, ecology, cultural studies, sociology, geography, and other fields. Part I critiques the ethos of skateboarding, its cultures and scenes, global trajectory, and the meanings it holds. Part II critically examines skateboarding in terms of space and sites, and Part III explores shifts that have occurred in skateboarding’s history around mainstreaming, commercialization, professionalization, neoliberalization and creative cities.


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