Sketch Card Mania: How To Create Your Own Original Collectible Trading Cards

Sketch-Card-Mania-How-To-Create-Your-Own-Original-Collectible-Trading-Cards Author Randy Martinez
Isbn 9781440303920
File size 6.9 MB
Year 2011
Pages 128
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Drawing

Book Description:

I didn't know what to expect from this book - I thought it would be more centered around how to collect sketch cards, but I was overjoyed to see it was more of a "how-to" guide. As a novice artist just starting out, I have looked through hundreds of art books at stores and libraries, and this is exactly what I was looking for... a complete guide to using different mediums and walking me through the creative process, but communicated in a way that a beginner like myself can actually understand and follow. Great work - I love it.

In this age of digital everything, presenting someone with an original, hand-drawn piece of art makes a big impression. So it's no wonder sketch cards (trading cards featuring one-of-a-kind artwork) are such a sensation. Packed with cool examples from various artists, Sketch Card Mania shows you how to create your own personal and professional-looking cards with guidance from long-time veteran of the trading card industry Randy Martinez.

  • Basic technique instruction for sketching in pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, colored markers, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media
  • The mechanics of designing and constructing sketch cards, from what to include on the back to printing, cutting and mounting them just right
  • 20 step-by-step demonstrations featuring a range of styles and subjects - heroes, villains, athletes, aliens, wizards, elf warriors and more
  • Expert tips for connecting with other artists, promoting yourself and sharing your work online
  • Plus awesome inside tips on breaking into the business from five industry professionals

Whether your goal is to generate fans, get commissions or just have fun, this book will show you how to make stand-out cards that really say something about you as an artist.



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