Skin In The Game: Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur To Find Love

5652ddc300cb9.jpg Author Neely Steinberg
Isbn 978-0989723503
File size 3.9 MB
Year 2014
Pages 462
Language English
File format EPUB, MOBI
Category Relationships

Book Description:

Skin In the Game will show you how to harness the entrepreneurial spirit buried inside of you to move your dating and love venture forward.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

How to create a vision of the kind of love you truly desire and work toward building that vision so it becomes your reality!
Why your single status is not a burden but an incredible opportunity, full of limitless possibilities;
How dating entrepreneurially will help build your self-esteem and confidence;
How to think for yourself about your dating life, not what to think;
How to lean on supporters and mentors who will encourage and inspire you to move your dating venture forward;
How to tackle your limiting beliefs about yourself, men, and dating;
How to take action, experiment, and use reflection in your dating life in ways you’ve never done before;
How to become a better dater, a woman who connects effortlessly with men;
How to recognize dating failures as learning opportunities;
How to use your fears (rather than run from them) to push your dating venture forward;
How to tap into and build your networks to meet men;
How to create your own opportunities to meet men by being a “blue-sky thinker”;


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