The Sky at Night: Answers to Questions from Across the Universe

569bc8628ecb0.jpg Author Chris North and Patrick Moore
Isbn 9781849903462
File size 1 Mb
Year 2012
Pages 480
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Astronomy

Book Description:

Questions about the moon, the solar system, space travel, other planets, and more, answered by a popular astronomer

Celebrating the 55th anniversary of The Sky at Night, this book collects and answers questions sent in by viewers. With sections on the solar system, the bizarre and unexplained, space missions, and more, this is an exciting journey into space for the novice astronomer and the lifelong stargazer alike. Discover how scientists work out the gravity of planets, what the 'Great Attractor' is and the basic principles of space navigation. Learn how to start observing the sky, what event inspired Patrick to take up astronomy, and just how many of his cats are named after celestial bodies. From comets to black holes and Orion to eclipses, The Sky at Night is the ultimate introduction to the wonders and mysteries of the universe.


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