A Soldier's Life: A Visual History of Soldiers Through the Ages

(Puffin Nonfiction)

583688c1a4cfb.jpg Author Andrew Robertshaw
Isbn 9780141300764
File size 13MB
Year 1998
Pages 48
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

Focusing on real soldiers rather than stereotypes, this book looks at the lives of more than 30 fighting men through the ages, from a Chinese soldier in the "terracotta army" of the Emperor Quinshi Huangdi, a Crusader, an American Indian brave, a French Foreign Legionnaire and a British Tommy on the Western Front, to a Japanese kamikaze pilot of World War II. There is a colour photograph of each soldier's uniform, the weapons he used, and the equipment he carried in his kit-bag. Answers are offered to questions such as how the soldier was recruited, what happened if he was wounded, and why he was prepared to give his life.


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