Space and Events: Spatial PPS and Motion VPS

5804618fc7ba7.jpg Author Sameerah Tawfeeq Saeed
Isbn 9781443889056
File size 2MB
Year 2016
Pages 325
Language English
File format PDF
Category Culture

Book Description:

This book presents a study of the internal syntax and semantics of spatial PPs, as well as their role and contribution in motion events when combined with different motion verbs. It offers a new perspective on spatial adpositions, presenting them as Relators. They relate entities, positions or events to specific entities or positions in a spatial relationship. Based on the way these elements are viewed, the minimum P projection proposed is [RelpathP [RelplaceP]]. The scope of the materials examined here allows equivalent elements in Kurdish and Arabic for which no full descriptions are available to be analysed. Furthermore, this book provides a syntactic-semantic model, which is built on insights from Dowty (1979) and Rothstein's (2004) semantic approaches and Ramchand's (2008) syntactic model. It will be of interest to anyone wishing to learn about the internal and external syntax and semantics of spatial adpositions across English, Kurdish and Arabic.


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