Planets in Aspect: Understanding Your Inner Dynamics

having read his book on houses i wasnt too sure how i might have felt about this book. least to say this is a better book and makes for a good reference piece on aspects. he tackles the usual aspects (sq tr sxt opp ect.) he points out also that for instance the opposition is not as malefic as the square (which the ancients considered evil), the opposition is easy to fix by looking for a trine 60 degrees away and so on. i found some o...

Local Space Relocation Astrology

"Local Space is no "subtle plane," but a personal landscape painted in bold and clear strokes and tailor-made to fit the psyche of each individual. Here is a world where the modern man or woman is learning to move across the face of this earth in an endless dance of adjustment and tuning of his radix -- of his or her self. Individuals driven in particular directions on a checkerboard world, unable to resist travelling toward a goal t...

Culpeper's Medicine: A Practice of Western Holistic Medicine New Edition

Drawing on the writings of Nicholas Culpeper, the 17th-century herbalist, apothecary and astrologer, this updated, accessible introduction celebrates the holistic medical traditions of the West, and places Culpeper in his appropriate context as one of the forebears of modern holistic medicine and a prophet of the NHS. An extensive new introduction to the work comments on the latest research and developments in the area. The book trac...

Horoscopes and Public Spheres: Essays on the History of Astrology

This volume engages the specific role of horoscopic astrology in Western culture from antiquity to the nineteenth century. Focusing on the public appearance of astrological rhetoric, the essays break new ground for a better understanding of the function of horoscopes in public discourse. The volume's three parts engage the use of imperial horoscopes in late antiquity, the transformation of doctrines and rhetorics in Islamic medieval ...

Guide to the Universe: Asteroids, Comets, and Dwarf Planets

Geared toward students, this guide provides an overview of the small bodies that orbit the sun. • Thematic chapters enhance understanding of the broad concepts presented • 66 illustrations make it easier for students to grasp the subjects discussed • A glossary of scientific and astrology-related terms facilitates reading and understanding • A bibliography of useful resources puts readers on the right track to learn more about the su...

The Heavenly Writing

In antiquity, the expertise of the Babylonians in matters of the heavens was legendary and the roots of both western astronomy and astrology are traceable in cuneiform tablets going back to the second and first millennia B.C. The Heavenly Writing discusses Babylonian celestial divination, horoscopy, and astronomy, their differentiations as well as interconnection and their place in Mesopotamian intellectual culture. Focusing chiefly ...

Music and Esotericism

This collection of essays analyzes the relationships that exist between esotericism and music from Antiquity to the 20th century, investigating ways in which magic, astrology, alchemy, divination, and cabbala interact with music. The volume seeks to dissolve artificial barriers between the history of art, music, science, and intellectual history by establishing an interdisciplinary dialogue about music as viewed against a specific cu...

Chinese Sexual Astrology: Eastern Secrets to Mind-Blowing Sex

Whether it's a passionate quickie or an orgasmic marathon, few things can equal the intense pleasure of love and sex. Now, with Chinese Sexual Astrology, you and your partner can learn how to fuse your spiritual, mental and physical energies to achieve complete satisfaction. Similar to the ancient Chinese ?pillow books, ? which were popular wedding gifts for couples, this book contains everything from astrological compatibility chart...

A Companion to Astrology in the Renaissance

It has been called "the most singular centaur that religion and science have ever produced" (Franz Boll). Astrology as a cultural form has puzzled and fascinated generations of humankind. It reached its apogee in the European Renaissance, when it flourished in literature, political expression, medicine, art, and all the other areas of endeavor catalogued in this unique collection. Brill's Companion to Renaissance Astrology brings tog...

The Complete Astrological Writings

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, which had lodges in London, Paris, Edinburg, Bristol and elsewhere, instructed its members in various branches of occultism. The more advanced brethren were initiated into the secret attributions of the astrological forces to the Tree of Life - the planets were attributed to the Sephiroth, the zodiacal signs to the Paths of the Tree - and the relationship of both systems of astrology and the Qab...