Diet Intervention and Autism

A lot of parents find the GF/CF diet helps in the early stages of recovery, as it reduces behaviors. Long term we find that after you heal the gut it is no longer necessary. There is a book that describes healing the gut with herbs that I liked very much it's He's Not Autistic But...: How We Pulled Our Son From the Mouth of the Abyss by Tenna Merchent. Although he wasn't GF/CF, because he wasn't allergic to wheat, she did have him on...

Autism Movement Therapy (R) Method: Waking up the Brain!

I have been teaching youth of all ages and abilities to dance flamenco and practice yoga for 20 years and I so appreciate Joanne Lara and Keri Bowers’ Autism Movement Therapy Method. They have laid out a very practical approach to teaching dance technique and choreography to people on the autism spectrum that is fun, empowering and fully sensory integrated. AMTM helps to develop essential social and emotional skills along with memory...

Flying Starts for Unique Children

Flying Starts for Unique Children focuses on ways to facilitate a supportive transition to school for early learners with special educational needs. It provides information on ways to set children up for a positive school experience from the outset. It is full of practical tips and strategies for schools, useful information and personal narratives. The book is written from a strong place of inclusion and respect for children and thei...

Moi, l'enfant autiste

Enfant, Sean Barron semble normal. Certes, il crie souvent, déteste être pris dans les bras ; aux yeux de ses parents, c'est un mauvais cap à passer. Mais plus il grandit, plus son comportement devient difficile, incontrôlable. La vérité éclate, brutale : Sean est autiste. Grâce à leur amour, leur compréhension, leur patience, ses parents réussissent enfin à établir un lien avec lui. Un nouveau Sean naît alors. Il nous raconte les an...

Autism Mothers Speak Out

Mothers across countries and cultures share their stories of parenting a child on the autism spectrum A wonderful collection of stories by parents from all over the world of their children's lives with ASD. These portrayals from different families and their different situations convey, as one parent wrote, 'Happiness and fulfillment of the dreams of our children with autism are in our hands'. As one reads through these stories, often...

A Guide to Mental Health Issues in Girls and Young Women on the Autism Spectrum

The first book to look specifically at how mental health issues relate to girls and young women with autism, covering theory, research and tailored interventions for support This book provides an excellent synthesis of research, diagnostic frameworks and personal perspectives of girls and their families written in a very accessible style. I would recommend it to anyone working with or living with girls and young women on the autism s...

Spektrum Kompakt - Autismus-Spektrum-Störungen

Noch immer wird der Begriff "autistisch" verwendet, wenn es um Menschen geht, die sehr zurückhaltend, in sich gekehrt sind, vielleicht wenig soziale Kontakte pflegen und womöglich eine besondere Begabung zeigen. Nicht selten ist das in dem Moment sogar beleidigend gemeint. Der Kampf gegen Vorurteile ist für viele Menschen mit Autismus-Spektrum-Störungen und ihre Angehörigen bis heute täglicher Verdruss. Dabei hat die Wissenschaft in ...

Spektrum Kompakt - Autismus: Entwicklungsstörung mit vielen Facetten

For many people today, the film "Rain Man" with Dustin Hoffmann still embodies their image of people with an autistic disorder: as contact -shy, helpless, lifelike special people with an outstanding island talent. And it is not uncommon for the term to be used in a negative way for socially repugnant behaviour, against which not only those concerned are justifiably opposed. What is behind the different variants of autism spectrum dis...