The Chosen Game : A Jewish Basketball History

"Charley Rosen . . . engages his readers in a hybrid genre text of athletics and history—an analytical intersection of religion, basketball, and Jewish-American culture. Rosen's text spans from the late 19th century, the foundation and formation of basketball, to the early 21st-century—the NBA as we now know it. Rosen's hybridized historical text can serve as an opening avenue for heightened interest from scholars of religion seeking...

Odds-On Basketball Coaching: Crafting High-Percentage Strategies for Game Situations

There are two books that I would recommend to every basketball coach in the world: John Wooden’s Practical Modern Basketball and Michael Coffino’s new book, Odds-On Basketball Coaching, which focuses on crafting high percentage strategies for game situations to increase your team’s success. Coffino’s book is loaded with knowledge on how to be a better coach. I wish he had published it while I was still coaching because it would have ...

My Story: A Life In Basketball And Beyond

I've realised my dreams, been there for my teams, experienced so many highs and lows. The game of basketball, the game that has given me so much, is almost an analogy for my life. You take the hits, you get the ball, you score the buckets, you just play it to the best of your ability.' Recognised as one of the finest women basketballers of all time, Lauren Jackson has had to overcome many challenges, both professional and personal, w...

National Basketball Association Franchises

This book examines the development and organization of the NBA and its clubs, how each club has performed in seasons and postseasons, and to what extent each has prospered and succeeded as a business enterprise despite competition for market share from other types of entertainment. Each chapter contains two core themes—Team Performance and Franchise Business. The former highlights how teams won division and conference titles and NBA ...

Youth Basketball Drills, 2nd Edition

Basketball’s best and most comprehensive drill book is now bigger and better than ever! Youth Basketball Drills, Second Edition, contains 160 drills for mastering every essential skill. Authors Burrall and Patrick Paye have outlined drills and variations that cover the entire scope of the game in both offense and defense. The book shows you how, when, and why to use each drill. The progression of drills will help you develop your tea...

The Women's Basketball Drill Book

The ultimate drill collection from basketball's best! Two of the game's winningest coaches – Tennessee's Pat Summitt and Texas' Jody Conradt – share their favorite drills that have helped produce over 1,800 victories! Fellow NCAA National Championship head coaches Nancy Fahey, Brenda Frese, Wendy Larry, Muffet McGraw, Amy Ruley, and Tara VanDerveer combine with over 40 more of the game's legendary minds to bring you their game-winnin...

Basketball Angles: Understanding Angles

Learn all about angles with this exciting book about basketball! Examples taken from the lively sport keep readers engaged and help them better understand geometry and STEM themes. Readers will learn about different types of angles and their qualities, familiarizing themselves with acute angles, obtuse angles, right angles, and straight angles. All of these angles have a vertex, rays, and an angle degree that children can determine w...

Basketball for Women, 2nd Edition

Arguably the greatest women’s basketball player to step onto the court and the first woman to be head coach of a professional men’s team, Nancy Lieberman has accomplished it all throughout her career. Her experience is unrivaled, and in Basketball for Women, she’s sharing her secrets, insights, and advice with you. Inside you’ll find comprehensive coverage on all aspects of the game: -More than 100 drills to fine-tune essential skill...

Asian American Basketball: A Century of Sport, Community and Culture

When Jeremy Lin began to knock down shots for the New York Knicks in 2012, many Americans became aware for the first time that Asian Americans actually play basketball. Indeed, long before Lin shook up the NBA, Asian Americans played the game with passion and skill, and many excelled at high school, college and professional hoops. This comprehensive history of Asian American basketball discusses how these players first found a sense ...