The Poliquin Principles: Successful Methods for Strength and Mass Development

Both an exercise program and a reference manual with a ground-breaking new treatise on bodybuilding and strength training. There's so much insights in this book. I found myself highlighting almost the entire book because there's so much useful information that can be readily applied. One example is when Mr. Poliquin talks about the benefits of tempo in a lift and how it can produce different results depending on how long it takes to ...

Exercices de musculation

Observant le principe de Léonard de Vinci qui disait : " Toi qui prétends par des mots démontrer la figure, le mouvement de l'homme, écartes-toi de cette opinion, car plus tu décriras minutieusement, plus tu confondras l'esprit du lecteur et plus tu t'éloigneras de la chose décrite. " Lucien Demeillès dans cet ouvrage " exercice de musculation " nous propose des dessins qui n'exigent pas des descriptions longues et ennuyeuses. Auteur...

Claudio Tozzi - La scienza del natural bodybuilding (2010)

Questo libro nasce sia per l'esigenza di far conoscere al grosso pubblico dei frequentatori delle palestre la verità sulle tecniche di allenamento divulgate dai maggiori campioni di Culturismo, sia per fornire un valido sistema di allenamento e sia per dare al tecnico di naturai bodybuilding un valido supporto didattico. La scienza del natural bodybuilding è senza dubbio il distillato di anni di ricerche, di prove ed esperienza sul c...

Insider's Tell-All Handbook on Weight Training Technique, 3rd Edition

Do you often have sore joints, or muscle injuries? Do you omit some important strength training exercises because they bother some of your joints or muscles? This is how it is with most trainees who want a bigger leaner body. But it shouldn't be so. How about standing apart from the crowd? How about becoming a master of exercise technique, and transforming your progress with building muscle and strength? To benefit from weight traini...

Build Muscle, Lose Fat, Look Great, 2nd Edition

What if, in just a few days, you could acquire the depth and breadth of understanding of bodybuilding and strength training that took Stuart McRobert 40 years to amass? Imagine the power you would have to build a bigger leaner body. But don't just imagine this. Make it a reality! Build Muscle Lose Fat Look Great has 24 chapters and 640 pages crammed with practical, safe and highly effective instruction on just about everything to do ...

Living Large: The Skinny Guy's Guide to No-Nonsense Muscle Building

SKINNY GUYS! If you’ve ever wanted to quickly build 30 pounds of rock-solid, shredded muscle without dangerous bodybuilding drugs, expensive supplements, and long hours in the gym—if you’ve ever wanted to Live Large—start reading immediately. Let’s face it: You’re tired. Tired of filling your body with bogus supplements that only give you the most expensive pee in town. Tired of busting your ass in the gym six days a week, only to fi...

Weight Training Without Injury: Over 350 Step-by-Step Pictures Including What Not to Do!

The exercise will never hurt you--only improper form causes injury. Master the essentials of proper weight training and be safe while performing the squat, lunge, leg press, lat pulldown, reverse fly, bench press, chest fly, shoulder press, shoulder raise, biceps curl, triceps extension, plank, and more! With over 350 full-color, step-by-step photos, Weight Training Without Injury's unique, revolutionary approach teaches right from w...

The Men's Fitness Exercise Bible

Build muscle, burn fat, and sculpt the body you want—wherever, whenever you want—with the world’s most respected fitness experts as your personal trainers. THERE ARE NO MORE EXCUSES With The Men’s Fitness Exercise Bible, you will always have time to get in great shape—even if you only have no time at all. You will always have the equipment you need—even if you have no equipment at all. You will never grow bored or stop seeing progres...

Power Factor Training – A Scientific Approach to Building Lean Muscle Mass

Bodybuilding experts Peter Sisco and John Little present a revolutionary new system for building maximum muscle in a minimum amount of time. Power Factor Training emphasizes very heavy overloading of the musculature and long rest periods between workouts, resulting in amazing gains in size and strength. This astounding guide details the proven physiological principles of the program, answers specific training questions, and outlines ...

Beginning Bodybuilding: Real Muscle/Real Fast

Prepare to look, feel, and perform better than you ever have before! Why bodybuilding? Put simply, lifting weights--or resistance training--is one of the best ways to achieve total body health and fitness. Research has shown time and again that pumping iron provides a host of benefits: Bigger muscles, of course, but also greater strength, higher bone density, and improved cardiovascular capacity. Adding muscle also naturally ignites ...