An Introduction to Numerical Analysis

This is an excellent resource to brush up on your undergraduate numerical analysis. I've looked at many references, and this one is the best, the clearest, and the most complete. I cannot recommend this textbook highly enough. The reviewer that gave this book a bad review blames his lack of competence on the textbook. These are the most basic topics of numerical analysis, and any decent senior mathematics student should be able to co...

MATLAB for Electrical and Computer Engineering Students and Professionals: With Simulink

This book combines the teaching of the MATLAB® programming language with the presentation and development of carefully selected electrical and computer engineering (ECE) fundamentals. This is what distinguishes it from other books concerned with MATLAB®: it is directed specifically to ECE concerns. Students will see, quite explicitly, how and why MATLAB® is well suited to solve practical ECE problems. This book is intended primari...

Understanding Mathematical Proof

"The manner in which the authors expose their ideas is a very kind and easy to understand one. The book contains lots of examples and comments. Far more, all the judgements are well exposed. The examples that are offered cover a large area of elementary mathematics, such as calculus, logic, sets and functions, linear algebra, and group theory. We highly recommend this book, first of all to those who study mathematics, but we also fin...

Advanced Modern Physics: Theoretical Foundations

I like all the books that Prof. Walecka wrote. I consider him one of the best Physicist and professor. I highly recommend.   Our understanding of the physical world was revolutionized in the twentieth century the era of "modern physics''. This book, aimed at the very best students, extends the coverage of the theoretical groundwork of today's physics presented in the previous volume: Introduction to Modern Physics: Theoretical F...

Renewable Energy - Facts and Fantasies

"Our civilization's ever-increasing hunger for energy-and its fixation on fossil fuels to provide that energy-is in the process of imploding on itself as our population grows and its demographics change. Yet we live in a world of tough realities, where an elegant solution simply does not exist." 2GreenEnergy founder Craig Shields provides a broad survey of the subject, presenting 25 interviews with the widest possible variety of subj...

Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic, 3rd Edition

The main goal of this third edition is to realign with the changes in the Advanced Placement (AP ) calculus syllabus and the new type of AP exam questions. We have also more carefully aligned examples and exercises and updated the data used in examples and exercises. Cumulative Quick Quizzes are now provided two or three times in each chapter.

Calculus, 3rd Edition

Smith/Minton: Mathematically Precise. Student-Friendly. Superior Technology. Students who have used Smith/Minton's Calculus say it was easier to read than any other math book they've used. That testimony underscores the success of the authors’ approach which combines the most reliable aspects of mainstream Calculus teaching with the best elements of reform, resulting in a motivating, challenging book. Smith/Minton wrote the book for ...

Fundamentals of Deep Learning

With the reinvigoration of neural networks in the 2000s, deep learning has become an extremely active area of research, one that’s paving the way for modern machine learning. In this practical book, author Nikhil Buduma provides examples and clear explanations to guide you through major concepts of this complicated field. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are actively growing in-house deep-learning teams. For the rest...

Calculus DeMYSTiFieD, Second Edition

Calculate this: learning CALCULUS just got a whole lot easier! Stumped trying to understand calculus? Calculus Demystified, Second Edition, will help you master this essential mathematical subject. Written in a step-by-step format, this practical guide begins by covering the basics--number systems, coordinates, sets, and functions. You'll move on to limits, derivatives, integrals, and indeterminate forms. Transcendental functions, me...

Computation and Modelling in Insurance and Finance

Focusing on what actuaries need in practice, this introductory account provides readers with essential tools for handling complex problems and explains how simulation models can be created, used and re-used (with modifications) in related situations. The book begins by outlining the basic tools of modelling and simulation, including a discussion of the Monte Carlo method and its use. Part II deals with general insurance and Part III ...